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Individuals who participate in the Behavior Education Center are children who may have an identified disability, or a behavioral barrier that limits their educational progress and/or options.  Some students do not have a disability, but may be socially awkward, be the targets of bullying, or have other reasons for not succeeding in school.  Our program allows individuals to participate in behavior analysis services in many ways.  Children and youth may come to the center for a part of their academic day, by appointment, to receive intensive interventions from our highly-trained staff. As a McKay school, some children may attend as their full-time academic placement.  Alternately, some families may be home schooling their children, or are awaiting McKay scholarships, these children may be able to attend the program utilizing alternate funding.  Children and youth have the ability to progress towards several goals relating to social, personal care, and educational skills.  We accept private funding, several insurances, as well as Medicaid.

All participants must apply, and be accepted to the program, before transferring their McKay scholarship funding!

All participants have individualized academic and behavioral goals and objectives. Academics are a major focus of center activities, since these tasks tend to be the antecedents, or triggers, of the individual's challenging behaviors. Individuals may participate in mathematics, language arts, science, civics, social skills training and advocacy.

Our laundry facilities, roll-in showers and cooking areas allow individuals to work on personal care skills and activities of daily living, increasing independence and broadening the individual's future choices for school and employment. In addition, several computers are available for participant's use..

For an application to the Behavior Education Center, please call (321)639-9800 or to email us, click here