Behavior Education Center

The Behavior Education Center provides intensive applied behavior analysis services (ABA) as a supplement to your

child's school setting, or as a replacement for your child's school setting. Contact us for details!Student working at a computer



We can provide Counseling for individuals through many insurance companies and social service agencies.

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When school systems and parents disagree on the needs of a special education student, mediation can often avoid costly, time-consuming lawsuits. If you have tried mediation, and an impartial clinical opinion is needed to assist in settling a dispute, an independent functional assessment or expert testimony can be offered.

We are experts at changing behavior, including staff behavior! Let us come and work with your staff to increase productivity, reduce worker injuries, and fine tune data collection processes.Areas of training include:

  • First Aid/CPR
  • Tools for Positive Behavior Change
  • Advanced ABA Interventions
  • Professional Crisis Management
  • Data Collection, Analysis and Displays
  • Worker Safety
  • Staff Incentive Programs
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